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A Content Management System (CMS) for eCommerce

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Professionally designed templates

Get started by choosing one of our various professionally designed templates.

Our templates were built by experts in the field and were optimized to provide better conversion rates and better search engine rankings by going through multiple iterations and user feedback.

Full-Customization capability

FlinchNot allows you to fully customize your template and allows you to have a unique branding. With our easy to use interface, you can modify and update your template layout, colors, typography and much more.

We have also developed a unique Point and Click system that allows you to select any element of your template and have full-customization control over it.

Fully hosted ecommerce CMS

Our platform is fully hosted which means that you always get access to the latest updates seemlessly. Your content is also securely stored and distributed through our cloud infrastructure.

FlinchNot is an eCommerce Software As A Service (SaaS) platform that saves you time and money by taking care of managing servers, payment processing, code deployment, security updates and more.

Focus on your products and customers

FlinchNot allows you to focus on what you want to do like developing your products, doing marketing and growing your business rather than spending time and money on IT. FlinchNot has developped a set of tools and features to increase your productivity.

No coding required

By integrating features directly to the platform with our intuitive interface, you do not need to type a single line of code to build a professional looking online store.

Discover the many advantages of choosing FlinchNot to power your online store

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