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Introducing The eCommerce Directory

Introducing The eCommerce Directory

Today we are proud to announce the launch of The eCommerce Directory, a directory of online tools, services, agencies, manufacturers and more. The directory is growing as we add more and more profiles.

Our goal through The eCommerce Directory is to help our merchants connect with the online tools, services and companies that work in the eCommerce space. At FlinchNot, we noticed that it is very difficult and time consuming for merchants to go search and find the services and tools they need to build their business. Moreover, often times, merchants are not aware of some tools and services that can prove to be very valuable when building their online stores.

The eCommerce Directory is composed of several categories where you can find profiles of different websites and services:

In each category, hand-picked tools, services and companies were listed allowing you to save time and discover opportunities to make your work-flow more effective.

How to contribute

If you know of a service that eCommerce merchants can benefit from, we invite you to send us your suggestion through our contact form.

What is coming next

This first iteration of The eCommerce Directory is only the start. We aim to add more high quality services to our listings as well as implement more features to make the directory respond to your needs.

Upcoming features include allowing you to suggest new listings, providing a review system and better filtering of the listings.


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